Amount of the costs for making copies of documents, which provide at the request of interested parties provided by the Order of FFMS number 11-46/pz-n 04.10.2011 "On approval of the disclosure by issuers of securities" is 6 rubles., 00 cop., including VAT, for 1 A4 sheet.

Bankers settlement account of "Mosgorenergo" to pay the costs for the production of copies of documents

Full name Open Joint Stock Company "Moscow City Energy Enterprise"
Abbreviated name JSC "Mosgorenergo"
legal address 125581, St. Lavochkin, Building 34
INN 7743628060
PPC 774301001
current account 40702810800010001743
Bank JSC Bank "National Credit" Moscow
Cor Account 30101810900000000402
BIC 044585402