Contract campaig

On the conclusion of agreements for the purpose of energy management, please contact the Project Management Center of sales activity (MCC ESD).

MCC chief EDS:

Heraklion Yuri
(495)730-53-12 ext. 1102
mob. +7-917-587-49-09

Project managers MCC EDS:

Lilia I. Ponomareva
tel. +7 (495)730-53-12 ext. 1175
mob. +7-916-465-54-29

Galiyev Adel Gazinurovna
tel. +7 (495)730-53-12 ext. 1161
mob. +7-917-593-26-92

Representation in Tver:

st. Dmitry Donskoy, 35A.

Leading specialist ESDS MCC Korobitsyna Natalia E.
tel.+7 (4822) 63-01-28, 63-01-29.

Ivanovo Branch::

st. Zhideleva, 21.

Branch Director Michael A. Zhbanov
tel. +7 (4932) 35-59-45