About us

Joint Stock Company “Moscow state utility company” (JSC Mosgorenergo) was established on Nov. 26, 2006 under the Moscow City Property Department instruction as a result of state unitary enterprise Mosgorenergo privatization, founded in 2002.
Since the year of 2008 JSC Mosgorenergo enters the group of companies MOEK aimed at realization of the Moscow Government energy policy.
Today JSC Mosgorenergo being power supply company performs a number of services regarding fiscal metering systems establishment and maintenance, electric power sales and purchases management on the wholesale electricity market and electric power supply to consumers on the retail electricity market.

Main business lines of JSC Mosgorenergo:

  • electric power supply, power trading;
  • sales management of electrical energy from generating facilities on the wholesale and retail electricity markets;
  • engineering;
  • energy audit These activities can provide a full range of services to consumers of JSC Mosgorenergo.

This competitive advantage provides an opportunity to develop and offer an individual program, taking into account the internal features of an enterprise.

JSC Mosgorenergo is a member of:

  • Non-profit partnership Market Council on organization of an effective system of wholesale and retail power and electrical energy trade;
  • Self-regulating non-profit organization Interregional Union of designers since July 22, 2010;
  • Self-regulating non-profit organization «Professional Association of Energy Auditors» Jan. 18, 2013;
  • Self-regulating non-profit organization Energostroy since Jun. 6, 2011;
  • Non-profit organization Customers Community of wholesale and retail electricity markets since Jun. 27,